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US says will isolate Taliban if they take power by force

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KABUL: The United States says it will not recognize any government formed by force in Afghanistan, a reference to the Taliban who are trying to overthrow Ghani administration by force and have already gained major parts of the country including nine provincial capitals.

The US department of state says that the next Afghan government should maintain “five standards” to be recognized internationally.

“We and our allies recognize any next government in Afghanistan that is established by a political settlement and has five standards,” Ned Price, spokesman of the US state department said Wednesday.

He counted inclusivity and pay respect to the rights of minorities and women as parts of standards. Price added that the new government in Afghanistan should let people elect their next leader and pay respect to their commitments in international laws and human laws.

The spokesman of state department warned the Taliban against trying to seize the power by force, saying the international community would not recognize any government shaped by forces.

The statements come amid quick fall of districts and provincial capitals to the insurgents who flood and take control of areas with almost no resistance from government forces. The insurgents managed to take control of nine provincial capitals in the west, southwest, north and northeastern Afghanistan since Friday.

Meanwhile, a three-day long session over Afghan peace is being held in Qatar where representatives from Afghanistan’s neighbors, the United States, Russia, the United Nations and the European Union.

The US envoy for Afghan peace who attends the session, says he would encourage Taliban leaders to hold talks with the Afghan government to agree on a political settlement.

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