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US solider jailed for killing Afghan citizen freed

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KABUL: Convicted of killing an Afghan citizen, a US soldier has been freed from a military correctional facility on Fort Leavenworth in northeastern Kansas

As he was released after eight years in prison, US Army National Guard Sgt. Derrick Miller’s mother Renee Myers cried: “Ah, my baby.”

According to the Kansas City Star, Miller replied: “Hey, mom.” The soldier hugged his mother and rubbed her back.

President Donald Trump is reportedly mulling over pardons for several military personnel accused or convicted of war crimes.

Miller was imprisoned in July 2011 when he was convicted at age 27 of shooting to death Atta Mohammed in eastern Afghanistan.

Initially sentenced to life in prison, his term was cut to 20 years after a hearing in April 2018. Dallas-based attorney Colby Vokey hoped to get Miller pardoned.

In Maryland, the soldier is set to reunite with his two daughters. He hopes the military examines its rules of engagement.

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