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US strategy failed to change Pakistan’s behavior: Senators

KABUL: Members of the Meshrano Jirga (the upper house of the parliament) said Tuesday that the new US strategy has failed to pressure Pakistan to stop support for terrorist outfits.

Senators said Pakistan’s policy regarding support to extremist elements had not changed after the announcement of the US strategy on Afghanistan.

Announcing his strategy for South Asia last summer, US President Donald Trump said foreign forces would stay in Afghanistan and the US and NATO were committed to sending more troops.

Trump had said his country would no more remain silent over terrorists’ safe havens in Pakistan.

In line with the new strategy, the number of US forces jumped from 11,000 service members to 14,000 personnel.

Senator, Najiba Hussaini, told upper house session that the required pressure had not been put on Pakistan to change its terror friendly policy as three months had passed since the US announced its new strategy.

She alleged Islamabad still supported terrorist groups and the international community should list Pakistan as a terrorist sponsoring state.

Zalmai Zabuli, another senator, said: “The verbal pressure of the US on Pakistan was meant to deceive Afghanistan. Many US officials had confirmed that terrorist sanctuaries exist in Pakistan, if the US really wants to pressure Pakistan, it should enlist the country as terror state and impose sanctions.”

Fazal Hadi Muslimyar, head of the senate termed the Afghan government’s strategy against Pakistan as successful.

He said Kabul should not allow Islamabad to exploit global conferences on the Afghan peace process.

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