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US support ‘Republic’ if Taliban reject peace

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KABUL: The United States warns to take the “republic” side if Taliban reject peace demands and do not choose peace.

If the Taliban do not choose peace and a future based on consensus, then we will stand by the Afghans who work to maintain republic,” the US Representative for Afghanistan Peace Zalmay Khalilzad, said on Saturday.

He called the “political unity for republic” a must with the aim of brining peace and stability to Afghanistan.

Khalilzad claimed that a unique consensus was formed in the war-hit country that its roots are dialogue, end of violence and rejecting efforts for military solution.

He once again called on the Afghan war parties to use properly the existing opportunity for peace and begin negotiations after 40 year of war.

“The international consensus is not only about peace, but when Afghanistan enters a new phase, the world will stand firm to support the country.”

Khalilzad’s statement comes after representatives from the European Union, NATO, Germany, France, Italy, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States called on Taliban in a joint statement to stop their unannounced spring offensive.

They condemned attacks on civilians and called for an immediate stop of targeted killings against civil right leaders, clerics, journalists, media workers, human right defenders and health workers.

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