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US-Taliban Deal Unproductive: Officials

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KABUL: The government of Afghanistan terms the peace deal signed between the United States and Taliban militants as fruitless on the peace efforts.

The United States under Donald Trump signed a peace agreement with the Taliban insurgents last February. The deal encourages Washington to pull all its troops out of Afghanistan by May 2021, with the insurgents committed to cut ties with the international terrorist organizations and not let them threaten the US and its European allies’ interests.

The Afghan National Security Council says that the deal did not help war and bloodshed end in Afghanistan.

“The government of Afghanistan was not consulted on the peace agreement,” Rahmatullah Andar, the National Security Council’s spokesman said Sunday in a video message sent to the media.

He said the deal uses expressions that measure human casualties to numbers, adding that expressions like reduction of violence considers the happiness of one side of the war, while Kabul wants even a single drop of blood not to be shed.

Andar said that the government of Afghanistan was responsible to protect the country and looks war and peace from this prospect.

The United States under Joe Biden now says their military withdrawal would take place conditionally. It says the main condition is Taliban’s adherence to their commitments in reducing violence.

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