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US-Taliban negotiations a matter of concern, says Daudzai

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KABUL: Umer Daudzai, head of the High Peace Council’s secretariat says he is not happy with the fifth round of US-Taliban negotiation over peace in Afghanistan, calling it a matter of concern.

The US envoy for Afghanistan peace Zalmay Khalilzad is engaged in a week-long talks with Taliban negotiating team in Qatar over the peace process.

“Now, we see and hear that there are negotiation between the United States and Taliban underway. I am sure that every Afghan woman is concerned about that because when you are not aware it makes you concerned. Be sure that I am also concerned now,” Daudzai addressed a group of women in a meeting held Tuesday titled ‘durable peace needs women’s active partnership’.

He dismissed reports that the US is talking to Taliban over its military withdrawal and the guarantee that Afghanistan won’t be used against other countries.

Daudzai added that the US couldn’t agree with Taliban over its drawdown, because based on a bilateral security agreement with Afghanistan government, the US should agree with Kabul, not with the insurgents.

According to Daudzai, the militants have only one part of Afghanistan under control, so they cannot guarantee from the entire country.

The ongoing negotiations are focusing on a timetable for the US withdrawal and a guarantee from Taliban that Afghan soil would not be used by terrorist groups to threaten the security of the US and other Western states.

Daudzai emphasized that peace would be impossible unless Taliban hold talks to the government of Afghanistan.

“The Islamic Republic is the redline of government and cannot be replaced by the Islamic Emirate,” said Daudzai, who used the term of emirate to refer Taliban’s government 1996-2001.

Meanwhile, deputy chief of peace council Habiba Sarabi said that women want meaningful part in the peace negotiations.

She added that peace process would be meaningless without women’s active partnership.

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