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US targets ISIS in Afghanistan, if necessary


Kabul: Ned Price, the spokesperson of the US State Department, rejected the statements of the Russian authorities that Washington supports ISIS in Afghanistan for Central Asia, stating that this country reserves the right to conduct military operations in Afghanistan to target ISIS.

In a press conference, Price stated that the Biden administration is committed to staying focused on dealing with ISIS Khorasan, adding that if necessary, if we see the formation of conspiracies that target the United States and our partners, we will take action against them.

Earlier, Zamir Kabulov, Putin’s special representative and the director of the second Asian department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, said that the United States and the United Kingdom are helping to strengthen the strongholds of the Khorasan branch of ISIS, and at the same time, they are threatening the Taliban leaders with the threat of drones to keep distance from Russia and China.

Kabulov wrote in the Russian publication Nizavisima Gazeta “Americans, along with their British accomplices, are doing their best to strengthen the positions and destructive potential of the Afghan branch of ISIS, so that this group can be a tool to put pressure on the countries of Central Asia and separate them from Russia.”

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