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US Top General Warns of Likely Increase in Daesh Attacks by Spring

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KABUL: General Kenneth McKenzie, the commander of the US Central Command (CENTCOM), told the US Senate Armed Services Committee, that the Daesh group is likely to increase attacks as the warm months’ approach.
He said although, the Islamic Emirate is committed to fighting Daesh, it has found it difficult to put enough pressure on the group, and he said the Islamic Emirates’ efforts against Al Qaeda were “less firm.”.

But the Islamic Emirate denied Gen. McKenzie’s remarks, reiterating its pledge to not allow any terrorists to be active in Afghanistan. “There are no documents to prove these allegations. The Islamic Emirate has full control all over the country and will not allow anyone to pose insecurity in the country,” said Bilal Karimi, deputy spokesman for the Islamic Emirate.
Gen. McKenzie said that the Islamic Emirate has demonstrated a commitment to taking down Daesh.
“We’re coming out of the winter; traditionally this would now begin the fighting season,” McKenzie said. “It is my expectation that ISIS attacks will ramp up in Afghanistan as we go into the summer.”
Political analysts believe that the Islamic Emirate must make plans to tackle Daesh.
The United Nations Security Council earlier reported that the number of Daesh affiliates has recently been doubled.

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