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US troops left equipment when came under fire in Nangarhar: Official

AT-KABUL: An American official said that the US forces were forced to leave behind equipment and weapons after they came under fire in Nangarhar province.

The US military spokesman Brigadier General Charles Cleveland denied that any American positions or personnel were overrun.

“We have been able to determine that the I.D. card and most of the pictured equipment was lost during recent operations in southern Nangarhar,” he said in a statement, referring to an eastern province.

“The soldiers were involved in actions at a temporary collection point for casualties (referred to as a casualty collection point, or CCP).  CCPs are a standard aspect of every operation.  In this case, the CCP came under effective enemy fire.  As a result, the CCP was moved to a safer location,” the general said.

“In the course of moving the CCP to a safe location, some equipment was left behind.”

He added that for understandable reasons, the lives of soldiers were not put at risk to recover the equipment prior to the scheduled exfiltration from the area at the already planned conclusion of the operation.  “Again, neither US positions nor personnel were overrun.”

“To protect the privacy of those involved, we won’t comment on any specific injuries. And, in an effort to protect capabilities, we won’t discuss the specifics of any of the equipment pictured,” he added.

He furthered the loss of any equipment is regrettable, but no equipment is worth undue risk to those involved.  And, we do not expect any measureable operational impact due to the loss.

Recently, the Daesh terrorist group has released photos that purport to show weapons and equipment that belonged to US soliders and captured by the group in eastern Nangarhar province.

One of these pictures shows the identity of a US soldier named Ryan Jay Larson, whose fate is unknown, as well as bags, ammunition vests, a rocket, a US flag and several hand grenades. A media source reported that the fighters of the country managed to attack the US and Afghan troops in the territories Kot, Schadal, Deh Bala, Adl Khil and Bandar, when tanks and heavy air support were used to ward off [Islamic State militants].” It is unclear if ISIS is claiming to have only captured the equipment of soldiers, or Larson also.

In that, almost three days ago, the US Commander Ron Flesvig said: “No weapons captured at all.”

“We are aware of erroneous reports that US Army SPC Ryan Jay Larson was captured by ISIS in Afghanistan. These reports are false. He has been accounted for and remains in a duty status within his unit.” “SPC Larson was attached to a unit conducting a partnered (operation) with Afghan Forces. The soldier’s I.D. and some of the equipment were left behind after the (operation).

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