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US urges reduction of violence for peace talks

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KABUL: The U.S. authorities have urged a reduction in violence by all warring sides in Afghanistan to allow peace talks to move forward.

U.S. Forces spokesman Sonny Leggett on Friday made the remarks after announcing that US forces pummeled Taliban strongholds with air strikes in two provinces.

In a tweet, he said US forces for Afghanistan conducted two airstrikes on Thursday to disrupt coordination of the Taliban militants. The raids came after Taliban militants attacked Afghan security checkpoints.

These were the first US airstrikes against Taliban since the start of the Eid ceasefire.

“Overnight, US forces conducted an airstrike against 25 armed Taliban fighters executing a coordinated attack on a security checkpoint in Farah province,” said Col. Legget.

In another raid, US forces conducted a strike on Taliban fighters attacking an Afghan forces checkpoint in Kandahar province, he said.

The US military official urged all sides in the Afghan war to reduce violence “to allow the peace process to take hold”.

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