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US will continue efforts to stabilize Afghanistan’s economy


Kabul: The US has promised to continue working closely with its partners to help stabilise Afghanistan’s fragile economy.

Outgoing US Chargé d’Affaires Ian McCary tweeted the Department of Treasury had issued multiple general licences to facilitate the flow of economic activity and vital assistance to the Afghan people.

However, he voiced his disappointment with the Taliban’s continuing refusal to allow girls access to secondary schools.

The diplomat also regretted the Taliban’s alleged human rights abuses, including the deterioration of media freedoms and unacceptable restrictions on the rights of women.

McCary noted with satisfaction the ability of the US and its allies to help many Afghans inside the country and abroad over the past year.

Over the past year in Doha, he said, they had pursued dialogue with the Taliban to address critical issues. He spoke of providing extensive consular services to US citizens and engaging with the Afghan people.

“We have also coordinated humanitarian assistance with the UN and international partners; The US remains the largest donor to international relief efforts in Afghanistan; we have provided more than $775 million in humanitarian assistance since August 15, 2021.”

The diplomat said they would continue to hold the Taliban accountable for the commitments they made so that Afghanistan did not become a safe haven for terrorists, including ISIS-K and Al-Qaeda.

The diplomat added the US and its partners had sent a clear message: “If the Taliban hope to gain the acceptance of the int’l community, they must listen to & honor the views of all Afghan people & respect human rights.”

Under the leadership of his successor Karen Decker, McCary said the US commitment to the Afghans would not falter. Karen had long been a friend of Afghanistan and she work tirelessly to protect US interests and support the Afghans.

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