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US withdrawal plans unnerve Abdullah

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KABUL: Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of the high council for national reconciliation expresses concerns over the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, saying that the pullout ahead of peace would affect the situation in the war-hit country.

He emphasized on Saturday that Afghans should be ready for the US drawdown and prevent a crisis.

“Before peace if this (US withdrawal) is done will put its impact and we will be responsible,” he said.

Abdullah said that here is nobody to sabotage peace process inside the government of Afghanistan, but some people are worried of peace with Taliban. “I don’t say they sabotage the peace, but those who are worried how peace will be gained.”

He expressed concerns for continuing violence in the country, urging that Afghans should not go back to past.

Meanwhile, the US envoy for Afghanistan, Zalmay Kalilzad said that there are some people in the government of Afghanistan who try to sabotage the peace efforts.

“There are also people in Taliban who oppose peace and such people are in the government too,” said Amir Mohammad Akhondzada, a member of the government-appointed negotiating team.

The US President Donald Trump said this week that he would call his soldiers back home by Christmas, while the drawdown was agreed until May next year under a peace deal signed between Washington and Taliban on February 29.

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