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Use of natural resources banned in Bamyan to protect environment

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KABUL: Local government announced ban of the natural resources in the mountainous province of Bamyan to maintain plants and prevent the damage of environment.

Officials in Bamyan in the center of Afghanistan said Wednesday that the plants growth is slow there because it is surrounded by mountains and has a cold climate. They said that the wasteful use of natural resources especially firewood endangers the environment.

Atiqollah Atiq, deputy provincial governor, said that they try to gradually fulfill the ban.

“Our colleagues make this program to gradually prevent use of firewood, cut of forests and destruction of plants on the mountains that affect environment. The decision will help prevent floods and destruction of natural resources,” Atiq said.

Residents of Bamyan collect firewood from mountains and hills to use for heating and cooking as they are still deprived from electricity and gas.

The critics of the plan call on the government to pay attention to people’s economic condition besides the environment.

“I think this new plan doesn’t have legal base and will be good if it is fulfilled just as a procedure,” said Sekandar Balaghi, one of critics to the plan.

Meanwhile, the environment officials say that plants play important role in absorbing of rainfalls and prevents flooding.

“You know that the recent torrential rainfall and flash floods inflicted heavy damages on the people. The reason was that people almost eliminated plants from the mountains,” Ebrahim Dadfar, head of provincial department for environment said.

Band-e-Amir, a natural dam in Bamyan was announced as the first National Park.

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