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Violence against women unabated as 8pc increase this year

By Farhad Naibkhel

KABUL: Violence against Afghan women unabated despite laws and policies as the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, or AIHRC, in a new report on Saturday says that violence against women in the country has increased 8 percent with 2,762 cases this year.

AIHRC said it has recorded 2,762 cases of violence against women throughout the country in the past seven months of the current year; however, 2,536 cases were registered in the same period in the last year that has revealed 8 percent increase.

Head of AIHRC, Shaharzad Akbar said multiple efforts have been taken place by human rights organization and women institutions against women violence in the past 18 years, but she said fighting for equality of women and elimination of violence require more time and efforts.

The report which was made public at gathering held in Kabul, Shahrzad said although still violence against women is a matter of concern, but the attempts by human rights organization and women institutions have been positive in the aspect.

According to her, conflict, insecurity, weakness in execution of law impunity culture and corruption has been remaining biggest challenge to combat violence against women.

Presenting the report, an AIHRC Commissioner, Shabnam Salehi said that AIHRC has registered 861 physical violence, 123 sexual abuses, 485 economical violence and other type of violence against women in the past seven months.

“Violence against women has been lead to 8 percent mental problems among women, 37.1 percent unclear destiny, one percent leaving education, 6.5 percent leaving home, one percent leaving job, one percent suicide and some other issues for women.”

Unfortunately, 97.7 percent of violence against women was taken place at homes by family members. Similar, other violence cases were happened on the streets, hospitals, schools and in working places, she noted.

Out of mentioned cases, 164 cases have so far addressed through mediation, 49 cases introduced through letter to shelter houses, 420 cases referred to police, whom 270 of them addressed and 150 cases’ perpetrators are escapee that are under chasing of police, she added. 

She highlighted that 530 cases sent to attorney offices, which out of 110 cases solved through consulting, 230 cases’ investigations completed and the rest is under prosecution.

“263 cases of violence against women referred to courts, which out of 160 finalized and 103 others is under inquiry.”

It’s important to increase awareness about women rights in the society, she said, adding, a better strategy to fight old taboos must be adopted.

“Government should have establish job opportunities for women and help them to be part of decision making in order to have better achievement in the aspect of fighting violence against women across the country,” she underlined.

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