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Violence rages as peace talks hang by a thread

The Afghans after over 40 years of war have to untiringly try to break the cycle of devastation because that extreme scuffle and suicide bombings have become a trademark in the war’s brutality. The Afghans are carrying the legacies of loss and determination for decades now. The war that has turned nightmare has to be ended one day, why not in sooner period of time. As Afghanistan is bracing for peace negotiations, unfortunately, violence has been ramped up with deadly bombing ripped through Nangarhar and Laghman provinces that killed over 22 people and injured nearly 100 others. The brutality happened within three days. The intensification of violence during the peace talks to end the war is a matter of concern, with spoilers is in the hut to wreck up the talks by wagging the war. The aim is to encourage both sides to restore to brutal tactics – raising concern that revenge-taking might continue long after any peace deal to be hammered out. Peace deal is at no way means surrender to the one or another side. The enemies who fought for years are now sitting at the table of negotiations to find a new formula for the future political landscape of the country. Though the process is bogged down as Kabul and Taliban delegation yet to iron out differences on the rules and regulations to kick start the intra-Afghan talks. Still hopes are high, and the sooner they smash down Goliath in the room, the more it would be better. Without doubt, it’s a time-consuming development. It could take longer time. Nevertheless, ramping up attacks across Afghanistan in what is seen as a gambit to gain leverage in talks, is a brittle approach. The Taliban at least can agree on reduction in violence if not humanitarian ceasefire. The spike in violence is widely believed to be stemming from a downscaled crackdown on militants. Anyways, the blood shedding of innocent civilians, including the children, have no rationalization. War rages war. Albeit, a paradox still hovers over the intention of the Taliban as they are yet to consent with humanitarian ceasefire as part of trust building measures. The Afghans need to feel the peace in order to believe it.

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