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Violence spikes amid push for peace

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KABUL: A fragile peace deal that signed between U.S. and Taliban on 29th February did not help to renounce violence as there is no change in the battlefields of the endless Afghan war as the Taliban still continuing their attacks on the Afghan security forces. Before to sign a peace deal with Washington, the Taliban had agreed on a weeklong reduction of violence, although the Afghan government had been emphasizing on continuation of partial truce, the group has later on announced the end of the agreement, saying that the reduction of violence and ceasefire would be discussed during the intra-Afghan talks.

Last Friday, in southern Zabul province, at least 24 Afghan security forces were killed by the Taliban with the help of their infiltrators in Afghan military ranking. On Saturday, four members of the public uprising forces were killed in a Taliban attack in northern Kapisa.

In return for the group’s brutal attacks, the Afghan Security Forces have killed 27 Taliban in Kunduz, six in Zabul, 19 of them were wounded in Kunduza and five others arrested in Zabul.

The militants are seemed to suffer more casualties than the Afghan security forces. The Afghan Defense Ministry says that it has an open hand to suppress the militants and destroyed their sanctuaries.

A spokesman for the ministry, Fawad Aman said that key Taliban commanders are among the dead.

The Afghan security forces would be turning their defensive position to aggressive, he said.

A military expert, Attiqullah Amerkhil has expressed frustration towards the political deal, saying that the Taliban are not depending on peace. “The Afghan military leadership has so far making mistakes in regards,” he said.

A former member of the Taliban, Sayed Akbar Agha vowed the staple motive of the continuation of armed-conflicts is the foreigners, saying that the moves which affect the peace process should be stopped.

Nearly three weeks back, the U.S. and Taliban hammered out a peace deal which allows the US to cut the number of its 13,000 roughly troops down to 8,600. The deal was also supposed to be followed by facilitation of intra-Afghan talks and a prisoner exchange process between the Afghan government and Taliban. But as there is an awkward political turbulent among the Afghan leaders over power, none of the two process have come under affect. President Ashraf Ghani has rejected the Taliban’s offer of releasing their 5,000 prisoners at the same time however he has signed a decree, which allows the prisoner swap in a gradual phase.

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