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Vote of confidence: Four nominees brief MPs over future plans

KABUL: To get vote of confidence four ministerial nominees on Wednesday briefed the Wolesi Jirga over their future plans—mostly revolving around reforms and further development.

Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD), Minister of Defense (MoD), Minister of Hajj and Religious Affairs, and Minister of Education were allowed to brief the MPs because they have high chances to get the vote of confidence in the coming days.

Deputy Speaker of Wolesi Jirga, Sidiq Ahmad Usmani, said that the parliamentary committee evaluated the educational documents of the five nominated cabinet members including Chief of the National Directorate of Security, Rahmatullah Nabil.

He said that Sher Mohammad Karimi, Mohammad Gul Zalmai Younusi, Faiz Mohammad Usmani, Nasir Ahmad Durani and Rahmatullah Nabil are the nominees with credible and reliable educational credentials. “They do not possess dual nationality. Therefore, they can explain their future programs,” he said.

While not mentioning name of any nominee, the deputy speaker said that it has been confirmed by the parliamentary committee that eight nominated cabinet picks have dual citizenship. “The committee is working to find out that how many more of the nominees have dual nationality. After complete assessment the MPs will be briefed,” he said.

Explaining his programs for future to give strength to the security forces further, Sher Mohammad Karimi said that he is committed to expand the professional trainings and strengthen the armed forces.

The minister-designate further said that he would eliminate politics and ethnic discrimination from the Afghan National Army (ANA) and enhance cooperation between the international community and Afghan security establishment.

He said that ties with Pakistan would be maintained to get rid of anti-state elements.

Regarding elimination of militants, he said that in future he would convert the defensive strategies into offensive tactics to eliminate the safe havens of armed insurgents in the country.

Mohammad Gul Zalmai Younusi, nominee for the Ministry of Education, said that he would boost capacity building programs for teachers and would fight corruption by establishing “trustworthy managements”.

He said that number of women in education sector should be increased besides expansion of the literacy programs for adults. “Training programs for nomads will be launched. Islamic education will be promoted. Contemporary textbooks will be published inside the country,” he said.

The minister-designate added that majority of the remote districts don’t have access to education facilities; therefore, education would be promoted in these parts of the country.

Nasir Ahmad Durani, who has been nominated as Minister for Rural Rehabilitation and Development, said that he has planned to review the national development plan for better implementation of the uplift schemes in the country.

He said that Afghanistan has the potential to strengthen its economy. “Thus, the development projects will be implemented in the areas which can provide good ground for domestic productions,” he underlined.

He termed standardization of contracts, establishment of a professional working group, construction and reconstructions of roads, employment opportunities and fight against corruption his top priorities if approved by the Wolesi Jirga as minister.

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