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Voter registration riddled by low turnout

AT News Report-KABUL: It has been five days now that voter registration process has officially kicked off, but the process received scanty welcome by the Afghan masses. As since Wednesday, 76,000 including 18,450 obtained voter card which is very few.

On Tuesday, the Chief Executive Abdulalh Abdullah strongly criticized the Independent Election Commission for lack of awareness program that caused the process to attract fewer people registering themselves to vote in upcoming elections.

“I think further works should have done for having public awareness, but I am hopeful that the Afghan masses will get mobilize. A national mobilization should take place so to be the witness of increase in numbers of people marching towards registration centers,” he said.

Free and Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan (FEFA) on Wednesday put people’s unawareness of people as sole reason behind short of partaker in registration process. “People are not fully aware of the process and their presence, especially women has been very low.”

“700 observers monitored the first days of voter registration process in Kabul and the rest of provinces,” FEFA said.

The executive director of FEFA, Yusuf Rashid, said most of the people do not have information about the timing and method of registration.

According to FEFA findings, the first phase of registration has been accompanied by serious difficulties; many registration centers lacked a sign-board showing the registration center.

FEFA has asked the government and election commission to increase campaigns in regard with the election and raise the public confidence in the work of the commission.


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