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VP Danesh blames Taliban of undermining peace

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KABUL: Second Vice President, Sarwar Danesh called on the nation to become united and counter the psychological pressure that the militants are attempting to put on them.

Taking to a conference organized by the Afghan Civil Rights Committees, where besides the activists, the representatives of the foreign countries were also present, Danesh said that the “enemies” seeking to target democracy, law enforcement, election and freedom of speech.

To gain leverage in the peace talks and violate the achievements of the past 20 years, Danesh said that militants have been trying to create panic, and do all to terrify the Afghans in a bid to build trust-deficit between the government and people.

He called on the Afghan masses, media outlets, civil right organizations and politicians to stand coordinated and united against the enemy’s designs. “We must put pressure on the supporters of the terrorists and called on the international community to support the Afghan government in fighting against the terrorism.”

Referring to the Taliban’s stance regarding the peace process, Danesh said, “The political system and constitution in Afghanistan sans any contrary with the rules, values and notions of Islamic regulation, neither the human rights values have any contrary with the Islamic regulation.”

He said that the Taliban cannot enforce its own scripture of “Islamic Regulation” on the people of Afghanistan. 

He hoped that the government and Taliban would reach a breakthrough on the agendas of the intra-Afghan negotiations that could also lead to a comprehensive ceasefire between the two sides in Afghanistan. The Taliban should not make hurdles against the peace, he added.  

The UN Representative to Afghanistan, Deborah Layons, who also provided speech to the journalists, said that the recent attacks on the activists revealed the threats against the human rights defenders and that the UN would always support the activists.

European Union envoy to Afghanistan, Andreas Brandt welcomed the establishment of a joint commission for the rights defenders and said that it shows that the government is committed in protection of civil rights activists. Brandt called on the in charges to put serious investigation on the attacks on the activists, saying that the perpetrators should be held accountable.

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