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VP Saleh apologizes to Kabul residents for blocking roads

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KABUL: First Vice President Amrullah Saleh apologized to the residents of capital for blocking roads that makes troubles for them twice a day.

Saleh’s bodyguards block several kilometers of the Kabul roads when he leaves home in the morning and then when he leaves office at the evening. The road blockage and Saleh’s bodyguards ill-behavior with the people is a matter of daily concern.

Scores of civilians including children were killed and injured when a roadside bomb targeted his motorcade in a rush hour time in Kabul in September. Saleh escaped the attack unhurt.

In a recent troubling road blockade, Saleh banned Kabul residents from walking and driving on the roads as his son’s wedding was held at the hilltop five-star hotel of Inter-Continental.

People blame Saleh for making trouble and then apologizing to deceive them.

Kabul residents say that Saleh destroys shops and kiosks on the roadsides and deprives people from making money to their families, while his residence is surrounded by high retaining cement walls.

In a comment on the social media Saleh denied ordering road blockade during his son’s wedding.

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