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VP Saleh believes lawmakers need constitutional knowledge

AT News

KABUL: The First Vice President, Amrullah Saleh believes that lawmakers are lacking conditional knowledge and considers offering them a “pocket constitution” as they criticized Mr. Saleh for holding the 60:30 regular morning session. 

Mr. Saleh said the parliament has no right to interfere in his morning meetings. According to Saleh, the members of the parliament don’t understand the three lawful forces of the country – the judicial, legislative and executive.

The barbed remarks came from top government officials amid severe tensions between the parliament and the government.

In an interview with the Radio Liberty, First Lady Rula Ghani accused the parliament of being involved in corruption, saying that the house becomes a market for selling and purchasing votes.

Reacting to his morning sessions success, VP saleh said that a five years old girl, who was kidnapped in PD 8th of Kabul city, was rescued by the security forces. The kidnappers were detained and identified as Mohammad Kamal, Hijratullah, Mohammad Yar, Shirullah, Mohammad Qasi and Bariyallai.

Mr. Saleh also informed of detention of the murder of a shopkeeper.

The mastermind of an attack, conducted on a security outpost in the Arghandi area of Kabul, was also detained by the security forces. Mr. Saleh identified the crook as Janatgul.

Moreover, he said an Imam of a mosque in Kabul city, who cited propagandas against the Afghan security forces, would be summoned for explanation.

The security forces arrested two terrorists who have recently entered Kabul to carry out magnetic bomb attacks in the city, Mr. Saleh said, adding that one of the detainees claimed that his family was taken hostage by the Taliban, forcing him to conduct subversive acts. 

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