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Amrullah Saleh (ehem. Leiter des National Directorate of Security, Afghanistan)

VP Saleh lauds Kabul police for checking crime

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KABUL: First Vice President, Amrullah Saleh has lauded Kabul Police for their excellent jobs for cracking and arresting a notorious criminal that was involved in various crimes.

“Alongside other achievements, the police had detained Sultan, known as Dog-Nassim in PD 13th,” Saleh said.

In a statement as part of his regular 06:30 morning session, Saleh said that the government was planning to form a sachem for the protection of prosecutors as a great number of them have been assassinated during recent years.

The Afghan security forces seized more than 40 unlicensed motorbikes in PD 8th, where a number of unknown gunmen on Sunday, killed Habibullah Khan, a prosecutor of the Attorney General Office.   

According to Saleh, the attackers were riding motorbikes, took advantage of the traffic jam and escape via pedestrians.  “This technique is old but still an infill flaw.”   

Five vehicles were stolen by the robbers during past 24 hours, he said, adding that the security forces were able to capture the robbers and seize a number of stolen vehicles.

Saleh praised operatives of the national directorate of security for defusing a bomb and as well as the perpetrators behind bombing in PD 13th of Kabul.

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