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War affected educational process in Kunduz

AT-KABUL: War is a serious challenge against education process in northern Kunduz province, said officials on Wednesday.

Amirudeen Wali, a member of provincial council said that the current war put an adverse impact on educational system there. He said that Taliban shut the schools for students in some parts of the province. “Our educational process is facing challenges in the province, Taliban shut the doors of the schools, or teaching the subjects they want at the schools under their territory,” he said.

Meanwhile, Najeebullah Saqab, head of provincial education department emphasized on challenges facing for ensuring of a proper educational system in the province. “Educational aspects are facing sever challenges, we are doing the best to ensure a good educational system through a useful and decent programs for the students and hope for its good result in the province.”

Mr. Saqib added that because of people low knowledge awareness, providing of educational system takes time; however, the department makes its best efforts for implementation of the program.

A student from Ali Abad district of Kunduz, Malalai admitted that the educational system is good in the city and the teachers are professionals; however, she is concerned about the condition of students in rural areas. “Schools in the city have good educational methods, the teachers are professionals, but students are facing huge challenges in the rural, they don’t have professional teachers and a good place for education.”

In the meantime, an official of the provincial education department said that the educational method is good in the city and the educational observers are always monitoring the system in the schools for insuring a proper educational system. “We have had good teaching principles and we send the observers to the schools for monitoring the schools and educational system.”

It comes as some of the civil society activists emphasize on war affects for children and educational system in the province.

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