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War on Daesh of utmost important

Rabbani leaves for US to attend anti-Daesh summit

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Salahuddin Rabbani on Sunday left for the United State to attend anti-Daesh summit, which is going to be held on 22nd March at foreign ministerial level.

Despite other militant outfits, the Islamic State (IS) aka Daesh terrorist group have been posing serious threat to the stability of Afghanistan. Currently, militants loyal to the Daesh terrorist are at large in eastern parts of the country.

“Terrorism issue and its threat to Afghanistan would be propounded in the session,” Foreign Minister, Salahuddin Rabbani told newsmen before leaving for US.

During press briefing he said, “without doubt we would discuss the hazard of Daesh in our country with the members of anti-Daesh coalition.”

Pointing toward Pakistan’s supporting and harboring to the militants, the minister said, “the Afghan government often emphasized that as far as terrorists’ sanctuaries are not perished, combating against this deadly phenomenonwould give no results.”

He furthered,the Afghan government would exert utmost efforts to convincefriends’ countries to take measure against those countries, where terrorists are enjoying safe hideouts.

According to report, this wouldbe the 3rd summit of anti-Daesh coalition, which would be taken place in Washington D.C.

Anti-Daesh coalition members are included Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the UAE, the USA, Bahrain, Turkey, Tunisia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco and Nigeria.

Since Daesh has already armed with heavy and light weapons, and taking this in view the Afghan government should take military means in its elimination. The anti-Daesh coalition has to support Afghanistan in its fight against Daesh.

It is pertained to mention that Daeshe mergence appeared in Afghanistan around two years ago. At the outset the terrorist seemed with black flag in Helmand, later, gain foothold to Urzgan, Zabul and Nangarhar provinces.

Though, the Afghan security forces have destroyed most of Daesh hideouts and killed hundreds of them in the mentioned provinces in the past one year, but still the group deem as a security threat in the country in general and in the eastern Nangarhar province in particularly.

Daesh militants are very active in Kot, Haska Meena and Achin districts of Nangarhar province, where they involved in different subversive activities. Their atrocity is behind imagination as they have killed lots of innocent people since their emergence. In addition to that, Daesh militants were also kidnapped commoners including children and women to accomplish their evil goals. Furthermore, Daesh militants torched houses of residents, leaving mass homelessness.

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