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War on drugs showing some signs of hope

In national and international media, we see and read that the US war on drugs in Afghanistan is an $8 billion failure. This is strange to hear that this is only the US war on drugs and perhaps this is the reason the war is not making any progress. Until this becomes the Afghan war on drugs and also Iran and Russia join hands, the war will remain a failure. How Afghanistan can make a difference? Here is a small yet promising instance. The Criminal Justice Task Force (CJTF) on Tuesday said that 328 drug smugglers have been put on trial during the last four months. General Prosecution Director for CJTF, Yar Mohammad Hussainkhel, said that that 328 drug smugglers have been arrested whereas the CJTF has registered 310 cases. What Hussainkhle said must be the eye-opening facts and figures. He said that 32 government servicemen including those uniformed were also involved in narco-trade. Two foreign nationals, an army general and eight women are also among the detained smugglers, he said. Hussainkhel added that over three tons of heroin, 0.5 tons of morphine, 11 tons of opium, and 21 tons of hashish have been seized during the anti-narcotics raids besides 4,500 liters of alcohol. This is a huge success. The national and foreign press must not only focus on bad news as bad news always doesn’t make ratings; sometimes it is good news that matters. Now the proponents against drug war can say that combating drugs in Afghanistan will ultimately be a success. As it is believed that a huge portion of the money earned from drug trade goes to the pockets of the militants, subduing drug trade will turn out to be a huge blow to the militants. Though, it will not only be exaggeration if someone says that militants are carrying their militancy just with drug money but it will be an attempt to cover-up the intelligence agencies support to the Taliban and the funds they receive from them. Whenever the phrase ‘war on drugs’ is repeated in media, the drug becomes a source of funding to the Taliban, but this is half-truth as many biggest international casinos and those supposed to be fighting the drug trade are being benefitting from this sordid boon. The drug war is not a domestic war in Afghanistan as Kabul has been receiving support and aid from Iran and Russia as well. Therefore, making it a success is Kabul’s obligation. What Kabul do is to suppress the supply side but given that the demand side in EU and the US is free, the war cannot be won. For Kabul defeating the drug trade is a must because elimination of drugs will cripple the Taliban, decrease the rich-poor standoff as many Afghans have thrived lavishly through drug trade. The government in collaboration with the international community should work on alternative economy as average Afghan citizens will not be attracted by opium cultivation when they have work opportunity. On legal fronts, punishments must be made tougher and the law must really be the law where no one, an average citizen or a big-wheel, get away with the law.

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