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Was Blackwater behind the collapse of Afghan peace talks?

A Turkish News Agency, Dailysabah, has reported that the meeting in Islamabad on Oct. 4 between the U.S. negotiators, led by special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad, and the Taliban delegation led by Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, was an important milestone to resume the peace negotiations, which were abruptly called off by U.S. President Donald Trump, apparently after the insurgent group accepted responsibility for attack earlier last month that killed 12 people including one American soldier.

According to the report, was this attack the only reason behind the abrupt cancellation last month of an “almost done peace deal” between the U.S. and the Taliban? It is an undeniable fact that peace talks kept on track for the last one year despite the Taliban continued to launch attacks on the Afghan and U.S. soldiers. The other side of the story of calling off the Afghan peace process points to Donald Trump’s covert plan with Blackwater.

Was Blackwater indeed a part of the U.S. in the post peace deal? Why was Trump even ready to sign a deal, which the critics called a surrender deal, with the Taliban last month? And now as Trump is set to actually withdraw the U.S. troops, he wants a ceasefire from Taliban and inclusion of the Afghan government in peace talks, the agency reported

The Taliban’s stand on the cancellation of peace talks reveals Trump’s covert plan – going side by side with peace talks – to replace American troops with Blackwater contractors after signing the peace agreement with the insurgent group. It was the reason that the Taliban, during nine rounds of talks, were stuck to the point of a complete withdrawal of foreign forces from the war-battered country. As Trump’s underhand plan, prior to the signing of a peace deal, had been exposed to the Taliban, Trump had no option but to abruptly cancel the peace talks.

About six months ago (while the U.S.-Taliban peace talks were underway), an article published in Taliban’s Urdu-language monthly, Shariah magazine titled, “Blackwater ki Afghanistan mein mutwaqqa aamad” (“The expected arrival of Blackwater in Afghanistan”), revealed the Blackwater plan to take on war in Afghanistan.

The Taliban had identified 2,000 specially trained personnel who were working undercover in Afghanistan. Taliban’s sources alleged that the U.S. called off peace talks after the last month’s Taliban attack in Kunduz and the Camp Integrity in the Green Village near Kabul. At least 30 Blackwater mercenaries were killed, including Shafiqullah, the person in charge of the camp.

Camp Integrity, located near Kabul International Airport, has been home to Blackwater’s Afghanistan operations since 2009. The Sept. 2 attack by the Taliban targeted the Green Village compound, which houses several international organizations and guesthouses.

The attack killed at least 16 people and wounded 100 more, as reported by The Associated Press. It was the attack, Taliban sources claimed, on the Blackwater base that forced Trump to abruptly cancel the peace talks, as the attack on the camp had exposed the real plan of the U.S.

After signing the peace deal with the Taliban, the Trump administration wanted to hand over the control of Afghanistan into the hands of the merchants of death – Blackwater. The U.S. would draw down its troops and replace them with 3,000 to 5,000 mercenaries.

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