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Was it effective?

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KABUL: Just days after releasing the three top Taliban prisoners in return for the two foreign professors, aimed at reducing violence and facilitation of intra-Afghan peace talks, the Taliban claimed responsibility of shooting down a chopper in Logar province, in which two US service members were killed. Moreover, the Taliban fighters lunched a coordinated attack in northern Kunduz province, but faced strong resistance by the Afghan forces and 10 fighters of the red unit of the Taliban group were killed.

The swap deal that occurred between the government and Taliban has highly earned appreciations and support by some national and international elites, countries and organizations.  But the Taliban group has said that Kabul administration did not play a single role, all was between Taliban and US administration.

There have been expectations regarding reduction of violence in Afghanistan as previously Taliban appreciated the move, terming the prisoners swap a gesture towards peace and end to the longest war in Afghanistan. But it was the comment made by the Taliban on Tuesday contrary to Wednesday where the group said government had no role in the releasing of key Taliban inmates. 

Even the government said it was not easy decision to let these prisoners free, but did in a bid to build trust and confidence in the ongoing peace talks. 

But, simultaneously, there are concerns that it was an affecting move by the Afghan government to reduce the ongoing violence in the country. Even some says the government had once again gullible by Pakistani spy agency and the militants.

The Taliban on Wednesday has claimed downing an American chopper in one of the southeastern province of Afghanistan. In addition, there were reports about killing of 12 Afghan National Defense and Security Forces in a clash with the Taliban in Kunduz province.  Furthermore, it should not be a surprised as the Taliban Qatar based political office spokesman, Suhail Shaheen told Al-Jazeera that there would be no reduction in their fight against the Afghan government and US led forces in Afghanistan despite the release of Taliban prisoners.

Clearly, what we can undoubtedly believe is that the Afghans were, are and will be victim of this unstoppable war. The move was just made in favor of Washington’s administration and the Taliban militants along side with the Pakistan’s intelligence agency. The Taliban now have their top commanders back, and the US succeeded to make safe release of the two American University instructors. There is no good omen for the Kabul administration to be satisfied and pleased by this process of prisoner exchange as the militants still reject government’s demand and precondition of one month ceasefire.

To make it more clear, the government has been failed in its political maneuver, and there is nothing good for Kabul in this deal. The US diplomats and Pakistani intelligence have somehow convinced President Ashraf Ghani to make the decision to release the Taliban affiliated members, and this end with no benefit for Afghanistan.  

There were other several options to secure the release of foreign professors. The first and simply one was that Washington should have pressurized Pakistan and the Taliban group to free these two professors as it is an obvious fact that Islamabad is behind almost all the terrorist groups in the region.

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