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Washington is the biggest obstacle for peaceful Afghan solution:

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: A member for the US-based organization, named New America Research Center blames the United States administration for being “the biggest obstacle” against a peaceful solution in Afghanistan, according to a report published by the local Weesa newspaper.

Anand Gopal claims that during the past 16 years, the US has frequently deceived the people of Afghanistan. It has arrested and killed those individuals who were trying to get aside from Taliban ranks or leave their positions, saying that Washington has been the biggest element of destabilizing Afghanistan. “The US is more flaming war in Afghanistan with different policies,” Gopal said, adding that the Trump administration’s plan to send more troops to Afghanistan is an example of the fact.

Gopal, the author of ‘America, Taliban and war from Afghans’ view’ has also accused the US of being the largest source of the Afghan war.

He explained the US policy to keep its puppet government in Afghanistan in fight against the US militia and warlord friends. He also said that the US is apparently backing peace negotiations in Afghanistan, but in fact, it is the supporter of war there.

The veteran journalist, who has worked in Afghanistan and Iraq, says the US supports one side in Afghanistan and demands another side to surrender with any conditions. “This is not the way of peace negotiations.”

“If they (the US authorities) want, peace will dominate Afghanistan in a few days,” Gopal said. “John Kerry quickly solved the problems emerged during the 2014 controversial presidential election after the Northern alliance threatened a coup in Afghanistan.”

He said that the decrease and increase of military sends a message to Afghans that ‘wait, the US troops will leave Afghanistan’, but in fact, this prolongs the war of attrition and gives fight morale and a hope of success to the Taliban.



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