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Watchdog calls on warring groups for ceasefire

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KAUL: The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) emphasizes on the reduction of violence, calling on the war parties to observe ceasefire.

Shahrzad Akbar, director of AIHRC said on Wednesday that the Taliban and the Afghan government negotiating teams must listen to the people’s voice and immediately agree on a ceasefire.

She called on the government to interrogate and punish the violators of human rights and accused the judiciary for not being serious in the punishment of criminals and violators of human rights.

Akbar asked the government to meet the war victims’ demands during the peace talks.

Abullah Abdullah, chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation said that agenda for peace talks was prepared and the negotiating teams would discuss the agenda. He said the cease fire would be the main point the government team would demand during the negotiations.

This comes as a few days back, the Afghan government and the Taliban negotiating teams agreed on the procedural rules of the peace talks, put an end to the long-delayed deadlock but violence still continues across the country.

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