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Watchdog confirms sexual harassment in Logar

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KABUL: The Independent Human Rights Commission confirmed the existence of a “child abusing circle” in Logar province by releasing the summary of a report titled ‘Probe of sexual abuse in schools in Logar province’. The report comes after two civil society activists revealed school boys are sexually abused by their teachers in the province.

Mousa Mahmoudi and Ehsanullah Hamidi, told the Guardian months ago that they had videos proving that school boys are sexually harassed in Logar.

The commission’s report includes interviews with the victims of abuse, local residents and videos that confirm the child abusing people there.

The report says a delegation sent to Logar had interviewed with locals and school in charges who have confirmed children were abused at schools, but had not introduce the “child abusing circle”. The report has also interviewed with victim children, their relatives and other people aware about the incident.

The commission officials say that some victims and their relatives had gone to them for sharing their stories on condition of anonymity.

“The interviews show that there have been sexual harassments of children in Logar province. Some school teachers and individuals out of schools are accused of being involved,” the report says.

The report says that not only school boys, but those in gyms, labor children and others have been sexually abused.

It says that a number of the victims left schools or banned by their families. The report asked for a comprehensive investigation of the case and trial of the culprits.

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