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Watchdog warns of rise in child labor

AT-KABUL: Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission on Tuesday warned of an increase in child labor in the country.

AIHRC in a report said that 90 percent of children are working over 35 hours which is against Child Labor Law. The report which was covered 25 provinces with 657 questioners revealed that 80 percent of children are over 12 age, who are engaged in working in different shops, bakeries, carpet weaving factories and brick factories. Also numbers of children are working on the street selling goods, burning wild rue seeds in can at the objective to chase away ‘evil spirits from the people on the street and earn money.

Children are working hard and high hours, which is a matter of concern, said Sima Samar Head of AIHRC.

She said that according to Child Labor Law children must not work hard and over hours, but unfortunately some children are working till late night in some part of Afghanistan.

She said that children must have access to social facilities including education, health care and entertainment services, which is still remained as dream to many children in the country.

She stated that 49 percent of children are working only to find money and help their families.

She highlighted that 84 percent of labor children grant their incomes to their families, only few percentage safe money for their education.

The report revealed that 56 percent of labor children have no time to go to school or follow education. 39 percent labor children take food two times per-day.

According to report 40 percent of children are threaten during work, 33 percent beaten, 39 percent insulting, 28 percent forcing to do hard task and 16 percent facing sexual harassment.

Finding of the report showed that 60 children are working seven hours per-week, and even 10 percent work till late night on the street.

The report said that ten 56 percent of children were satisfied with their jobs, the satisfaction of children is reason of having good jobs, but because of not understanding their rights.

According to the report finding 13 percent of labor children have no access to education and 61 percent are working in unhealthy environment.

The main reason behind working of children is poverty and economic challenges of families, underlined the report.

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