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Water scarcity is novel challenge in Afghanistan

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KABUL: The foundation of Muhammod Tarzi Think Tank of the Academy of Science of Afghanistan held a meeting to confer the novel challenges of water shortage in Afghanistan.

Head of the regional research center of the Academy, Sarwar Ahmadzai said that water management is one of the priorities of the government but there were still serious unsolved challenges existed on the path of water management programs in the country.

He said that presently water is one of the main issues in the region. He said that there were political issues behind the challenges of water management that should be technically and professionally tackled.

A water management expert, Dr. Fazlulah Akhtari, who was also in the event, said that without formation of a capacity inside the country, the management of water would be impossible. He cited the existence of sectors, human resource, and coordination among the organizations, access to technology and information and essential industries in the water management section as the ways to overcome these challenges.

He underscored the main challenges posed from water shortage in Afghanistan such as; drought, increase of population and irresponsible use of water and unbeneficial irrigation system that pose the waste of 70 percent acres and unbeneficial use of water in agriculture.

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