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Wave of new transition

By Zulfiqar Shah-The recent murder of Indian origin Techie Srinivas Kuchibotls is a violent expression and kick start of what has been bickering up on the backburners of our contemporary times and history. Such socio-psychological developments that ledan American to kill young Srinivas have been rooted in the race and ethnicity perspectives not only caused by the globalization but also by the changing economic aspects of today’s world. The Brexit phenomena in United Kingdom (UK) riding on anti-immigration wave; the current such flow in France and some other parts of Europe; and similar incidents exhibiting in Australia is a broader situation with fourfold roots in globalization — wars and terrorism; changing economic contours of the world; and syndromes caused by increase in the number of non-natives immigrants in the society. It seems the whole upcoming decades of world society would face these challenges.

New Polity and Economy

The centers of international economy and politics today are gradually shifting. Asia is going to assume the role of leading economic power of the world in upcoming one decade. Africa would finally emerge as a new world market in upcoming two decades. The worlds populous most countries, China and India would remain in the club of major economies along with many other economic pockets in Asia. Rise of the regional powers like Germany, India, South Africa, Brazil, Australia and Japan in the world politics would feature the face of polity and economy in the world in upcoming two decades. Northern America and Europe would be pushed to kick off a new kind of polity.

Immigration and rise in ethnic-cum-racial nationalism

Globalization has given birth to new complexities in the world. It caused high scale immigration towards the West in last three decades. Hundreds of thousands human persons of colored origin immigrated and migrated to the Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. Some amongst them were professionals, others refugees and rest has given shape to a new society across the first world, which is ‘white’ and is called the West.  Ethnicity and race have become the subjects of an entire new discourse in post immigration world of last three decades. Human persons are equal; however according to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, indigenous people have special rights over the rest in their territories. This suits best to cases across the world in the continents – Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. USA, Australia and Canada have largest population of non-indigenous people. No doubt, native whites and indigenous people of USA, Australia and Canada have their special rights over the rest who have migrated to these lands very recently. The situation has given rise to nationalism based on native ethnicity and race, although religion also seems to be a cross cutting theme of it. This ethnic-cum-race based nationalism is going to dominate the narrative of at least one decade hereafter or a little more. Let the world get prepared about this and seek a path out of such patchy matter.

Muslim Terrorism

Muslim terrorism is a by-product of oil rich Arab countries reaction towards world politics led by the West; wars in some of the Muslim countries; and religious terrorist syndical organism created by the West against Soviets Union during 1970-1980. A tiniest minority sect among Muslims – Salafism is the hardcore of this Muslim terrorism. This today has turned itself a terror syndicalism which dances to the tunes of hidden hands of some international interests.



Global Society

Amid these new challenges and crises, a new world society has got birth, which is internationalized in its fabric. A human society that is connected with global network of news, human communication, research, analysis, and investment supplemented by the immigrants are the features of today’s world society. This has created a new kind of world society—sociology with a bent in the mind. How interwoven are the human persons and human societies today!

The ongoing scenario of trends in the West and South America will kick start not only new economy and politics but also an entirely new narrative of policy approach in the countries in the Europe, North America, Australia and South America in ongoing decade that a new chapter in the course of globalization would be written. It would be based on limits to the immigration. Nations are not going to withdraw their core ethno-racial composite during the course of globalization. Besides, a reaction towards Muslims along with towards the colored people would become more visible in the world we have to see in the upcoming one decade. It is worth mentioning that Canada, Eurasia and Eastern Europe would be exceptions in this process where relatively healthier socio-psychic tits are expected.

New Transition

This is an era of new transition in human history of our twentieth century. A new fabric as well as narrative of human society is going to be created for us all and by us all that would carve the decades. Upcoming five decades have to depend on upcoming ten years polity, economy and approach in the world. Let us think and act beyond the matrix!

Shah is a Sindh, Pakistan born refugee journalist and civil and political activist currently staying in Delhi,  India. www.zulfiqarshah.com

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