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We are in state of emergency, only Loya Jirga helps us get out of this: Spanta

The Current Situation of Afghanistan; Analysis and Solutions

AT News Report-KABUL: Prominent political figures in a session titled ‘The Current Situation of Afghanistan; Analysis and Solutions’ expressed deepest concerns over current situation of the country, terming national consensus as the only remedy to cope with challenges.

One of famous Afghan figure, and former National Security Advisor, Dr. Rangeen Dadfar Spanta, explained his concern over present “uncertainty”, saying that: “we are in state of emergency.”

“Today, 50 percent of Afghanistan’s soil is under control of terrorist groups, and the government is not able to implement rule of law in that areas,” he said, adding that the government failed to meet people’s demands.

Looking above ambiguities, so this government is out of legitimacy, he said, adding constitution also violated as much as possible during current system.

He termed opening out of Wolesi Jirga by a decree as one example of violation of constitution, which is absolutely according to him against the law and illegal.

He agreed that there were challenges during their time of governor, but said looking to overall situation we had so many positive points.

“During former President Hamid Karzai’s regime, beside challenges, the government had great achievements in different areas such as security, economic and diplomacy,” he said.

In that time regional countries were united to fight against terrorism, and practical cooperation was on the ground, Spanta said, adding, “But now the National Unity Government (NUG) itself claimed that Russia is supporting Taliban, clear indication of no regional mobilization in the fight against terror.”

He furthered, “today there is also report regarding Iran’s support to the Taliban, if these claims are true then the unity has been broken in the region against terrorism.”

Expressing his deepest concerns over above uncertainty, he said that country is in state of emergency that needs emergence solution, and the best option according to him is Loya Jirga that can help Afghanistan to get out of current crisis.

Moreover, former Economic Minister, Abdul Sattar Murad, said weak system cannot dominance over powerful nation, so “we have to become powerful in order to force the government to follow people’s legal demands.”

He called on the Afghan masses to keep eye on government performances and don’t let it go over the law.

“US and European countries won’t solve our problems, they are seeking their own interests, we, the Afghan people have to take tangible step to resolve the impasses,” he added.

Likewise, he called on all political parties to come together under one roof to discuss important issues, amid at taking measure to overcome current challenges.

Afghanistan is in complicated situation, former advisor to the ex-president Hamid Karzai, Shahzada Masoud said, in which he termed only traditional Loya Jirga as a best platform to put an end to the current gloom.

He believes that election won’t solve problems, it is essential for all political figures and tribal elders to come together to seek outgoing ways through convening traditional Loya Jirga.

From his part, Head of National Mehwar Party, Dr. Khoshahal Rohi, said during NUG government, insecurity, and rifts among different tribes have been intensified in the country. “Unfortunately, it is a matter of daily now.”

Pointing toward US new strategy for Afghanistan, he said “thought US brought Pakistan under pressure in the strategy—something appreciable, but unfortunately it also fueled region conflict.”

He also pointed out toward civilian casualties that have been increased in Afghanistan mostly causing in airstrikes of foreign forces, to same stage in Afghan forces as well. He highlighted people’s role very much important to get rid of all challenges.

Former Ambassador to Pakistan, Maulawi Abdul Salam Zaeef, said that reaching peace in Afghanistan require political ways.

“Unfortunately, at present day both sides linger on over conflict and military strategy, something that won’t bear positive results,” Zaeef said, adding that military strategy gives birth to more challenges instead of dealing with.

He empathized on Afghan-owned and Afghan-led strategy to overcome current issues and put an end to the ongoing war.

Member of Wolesi Jirga, Abdul Qayyoum Sajjadi, said that misuse of tribes by politician for their own interests, could be one of reason behind rifts among tribesmen in the country.

“Persist of discrimination pave ground for foreigners to further interfere into internal affairs to further provoke discrimination among Afghan nation across the country.”

To have peace, stability and to push our country toward development, we must work hard for unity, he said, adding that progress needs joint and hard work.

In the past months, several politicians, including Wolesi Jirga members putted weight behind Loya Jirga call, seeing it as only remedy to copy with current crisis in the country.






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