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‘We are sick of carnage, violence’, Kunar demonstrators

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KABUL: A large number of residents and clerics in a demonstration in Assadabad, the capital city of eastern Kunar province, have called for a ceasefire agreement between the government and Taliban to end the longest conflicts in the country.

“We are sick of carnage and violence, we want peace, ceasefire and a happy life,” said Abdul Baseer, a members of the rally.

Other protestors, Hammidullah said, “We asked the government and Taliban to set for direct talks and put an end to the conflicts.”

Meanwhile, a religious scholar Mualvi Ajmal vowed that the international community should pressurize the Afghanistan’s neighboring countries to frankly support the Afghan peace process. “War has no place in Islam,” he added.

Moreover, Ziuarahman Yar, a religious cleric who was also among the participants, said, “Our protest is aimed to encourage the war sides for truce and peace, so we can live in a stable environment.”

Putting end to the longest war and living in a safe ground are almost the hope of every Afghan as the country has gone through drastic violence during last four decades.

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