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We refuse their dogmatic delusion


Afghanistan has been the prime target of Pakistan’s radical fundamentalists and their terrorist cronies for decades. Those at the very top of Pakistan’s military, political and religious elite hanker after a government in Afghanistan run by thugs and entangled in lawlessness.

In a recent travesty under Pakistani military government’s nose, leader of ‘Haqqania’ religious seminary has insulted Afghanistan and its people, disparaging its gains against insurgency. In a brazen shameless assault, he accused the Afghan government of fighting the war at Indian’s beck. He said Afghanistan has lost the war to Taliban and proposed Afghan government rather capitulate to Taliban and let them establish and consolidate their self-styled Islamic state.

The language these people are wielding is blatant apocalyptic narrative and an assault on Afghanistan’s national sovereignty. This is a clear demonstration of how narrow-minded and ignorant Pakistan’s religious elite are. Threat from Pakistan’s ultra-extremist strands is more embedded than thought.

Resonance of pro-Taliban themes and anti-Afghanistan rhetoric will buoy Taliban. They know that they are directly buttressing an extremist group that has brought misery and devastation to Afghanistan and its people. They massacre our civilian population and military forces in droves without caring a fig. Yet, extremist radicals in Pakistan are propping them up and keep honoring their crimes as achievements.

The fact that terrorist groups are feted and harbored in Pakistan and wage the war in Afghanistan is absolutely incontrovertible. Decades of successive military governments have deeply embedded ultra-conservative and radical strands in significant segments of Pakistani society. They have been the pillar of Pakistani military’s mar machine in Afghanistan, providing a huge pool of terrorist soldiers.

We have lived with the curse of fundamentalism and extremism for decades since the Taliban came to existence. But we hope to outlive them by making peace, not by clinging to belligerence. We have a democracy that needs to be strengthened and supported.

We refuse to be dictated about our national affairs, and lashed into submission to dogmatic and extremist ideologies of farcical, troglodytic people far off on the other side. They can no longer lord it over us with their silly thoughts.

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