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WFP donates $1.5m for professional skills training

“In the current year, WFP plans to donate Afs-300 million for vocational training skills to 22,000Afghan trainees,” WFP.

By Akhtar M. Nikzad-KABUL: The Word Food Program (WFP) donated $1.5 million to Afghan government to launch professional skill training in Kabul and Herat provinces.

The Agreement was signed by Minister of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled Nasrin Oriakhil and deputy head of WFP in Afghanistan, Ms. Angelline Rudakubana on Sunday.

Angelline said that according to the agreement, the ministry was determined to launch professional skills trainings in the provinces of Kabul and Herat in which 7,240 people would receive trainings in different fields.

“We plan to provide professional trainings for 5,000 trainees in Kabul and 1,740 in Herat province. The trainees will receive six-month professional instructions and they will receive 2,280 Afs per month,” she mentioned.

She pointed out that the professional skills training include, repairing motorcycle, mobile, tailoring, embroidery, electricity, computer, English and other skills. “For this particular project out of 5,000 participants 4,000 would be ladies.”

She said that the World Food Program planned to donate around 300 million Afs for Afghan government in field of professional skills trainings seven provinces.

“Today, the WFP is happy to announce that this year, we plan to support vocational skills training for 22,000 people in seven provinces of the country and during instruction they will receive cash throughmobile transfer,” she mentioned.

She added that the support estimated to be 300 million Afs and if each trainee has seven family members around 153,000 people would be benefited from the donation.

Minister Oriakhil said that the vocational trainings would be conducted in the Qarabagh, Dehsabz and Bagrami districts of Kabul province.

She said during vocational training the trainees would receive foodstuffs worth 2,280 Afs from particular shops.

“The vocational training skills program would create job opportunities for our unemployment youth based on market’s necessity,” she mentioned.

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