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WFP establishes a logistics center in Uzbekistan to provide assistance to Afghanistan


Kabul: The World Food Program has formed a new warehouse in Termez, Uzbekistan to facilitate the transportation of food assistance to Afghanistan.

A spokesman for the WFP Afghanistan, Wahidullah Amani, said that at least 1000 metric tons of foods are crossing from Uzbekistan to Afghanistan on a daily basis.

“The increase in capacity of the new warehouse in Termez in Uzbekistan will help us to properly reach the 20 million who are currently starving and need food assistance, so we can distribute our food assistance in a better way to them,” Tolo news quoting WFP spokesman.

This comes as residents of Kabul complained about a lack of transparency in aid delivery, as well as low quality of materials.

“The aid is not reaching the people who need it. I know many families who deserve this aid but have not received it,” said Rashad, a resident of Kabul.

Economists believe that the aid could be effective when it creates job opportunities for citizens.

“When the economic projects are implemented, it creates jobs for people. Only when we are able to find permanent jobs for the people will we move toward economic growth, and it can also pave the way for work in the country,” said Abdul Naseer Rishtia, an economist.

The WFP said it has provided food assistance to 23 million in 2022 in Afghanistan and that it needs $1.5 billion to fulfill its plans.

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