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What are the dimensions & solutions for Afghanistan’s proxy war?

By Mohammad Arsallan Zeyar

Whenever warriors fight against your government’s interests based on other’s profit, this is called a proxy war. In this war, the thought of war is determined by war policymakers that they sign a contract of conflict with war players. War policymakers provide sources, strategy and tactics to those players who are mercenaries. Players are performers of the war. Players deal with the values, peoples’ will and public interests with sources that they gain. The third layer is the fighters of the war. Fighters are those who are intensively poor, ignorant and without fate that leads them to serve under the imposing & proxy war. These groups are soldiers of the war.

Afghanistan war is an imposed war that has robust external roots. This is a proxy war with multi foreign layers and internal facilitators that, in the external dimension, we need regional and international consensus, and in the internal aspect, we are exceedingly in need of extensive and national leadership as well as the solidarity of diverse Afghan tribes. The same as Afghanistan war has external roots, Afghanistan peace is impossible, but with foreign consensus and national unity.

Afghanistan’s war and peace need active diplomacy with Afghans’ possession and management. The technique of diplomacy has got several definitions, but overall, we can say that diplomacy is the mean, technique and art of negotiation and bilateral or multilateral conversation to impact, navigate, and in the end to provide the specific goals of governments, governmental institutions, and non-governmental institutions. The peace diplomacy is to utilize all these means and appliances with two or several external facets to create an environment and will for peace inside and outside of the country.

We have got three types of proxy wars in Afghanistan:

1) Intellectual War: This war is conducted by Islamic radicals, which is originated in Pakistan. This war is vindicated by middle east’s ideologists who are in favor of enlarging Salafism and Wahhabism. Players of this war are Arabic sheiks who are even connected with western mafia layers and Israel. Moreover, players of this war are Pakistani exorcists who scatter and disperse Islamic radicalism. Faqih-e-Wilayat of Iran leads the other side of this war that they opt their soldiers within Shiites.

2) Intelligence/Surveillance War: It is led by ISI. ISI exemplifies Pakistan’s interests and national security in Afghanistan. As much as the West’s attention towards Pakistan goes beyond the margin, this war gets extensive. Two groups combine players of this war; first, ISI’s mercenaries on Afghanistan’s power and sovereignty. Second, ISI’s hirelings on the battle fort like Taliban, ISKP and other groups on the open battlefield of Pakistan. Surveillance war and intellectual war are associated with each other.

3) Civilization war against retrogradation: This war is supported by Afghanistan Rawalpindi’s displaced in diverse layers of politics and jurisdiction of Afghanistan. Players of this war are formed from retrograded Mullahs of Pakistan and Afghanistan. These Mullahs have captivated mosques’ rostrum trying to prohibit transitions for establishing a modern and national state in Afghanistan, which is based on democracy, human rights, and civil society by their radicalistic exegesis.

These three wars are exceedingly linked with each other.

Afghanistan war is connected with these sources:

A) Geopolitical benefits of superpowers and regional powers, this historical war of them has remained incomplete.

B) Muslim intellectual wars, especially Saudi Arabia and Iran, have expanded this war’s umbrella on our region.

C) Hegemonic war by India and Pakistan on Kashmir that their state interests and national security impress Afghanistan’s war.

D) Durand Line is a scope and red line of Pakistan and endless weakness spot and unsolved involvement for Afghanistan. This ambiguity has brought a great opportunity to Pakistan and intense weakness in Afghanistan.

E) The future and national security of central Asia have a significant relation to the authority of China and Russia on Afghanistan. Central Asia the economic and political stability of those two regional powers.

F) Afghanistan is the passage-way of Caucasus’ economic power to south Asia, so Afghanistan’s geo-economics is indispensable for powers.

G) Afghanistan is the source of the greatest mafia smuggling of drugs. Afghanistan war paves the ground for this world war. So, the hands of the world’s greatest systematic felonies are included and determinative within this war.


We have failed to recognize these three wars. We must consider these solutions below to figure out those fatal problems.

1- We are intensively in need to know the layers of these three wars, and we need professional institution and abundant sources for our intelligence. While these mercenaries have penetrated our intelligence, we cannot overcome this war without cleaning the intelligence first.

2- Compensatory operations must be posed against all those measures and actions performed by those vindicators of three wars.

3- Intellectual mobilization can be helpful to confine the enlargement ways of these wars.

4- Illumination means to illuminate social conscience against war and savagery. We must learn from the experiences of South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia and Europe for illumination, and should rescue ourselves from the circle of radicalistic notions and elastic interpretations.

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