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What benefit enemies get by killing innocent Afghans?

By Ihsanulah Panjshiri

On daily bases, the Afghan media outlets have been reporting on civilian casualties that caused by roadside mines and suicide attacks. Whenever we turn on a TV, a radio and read a newspaper, there are several news about women and children, who have lost their lives or received injuries in the unstoppable war.

War and suicide, the two hated and inauspicious phrases, always bring atrocity, deterrence, disperse and carnages wherever it lay down its footprints. Unfortunately, the Afghans have not been able to get rid of war and live in a peaceful environment since ages.

This is at a time, while the militants and extremist groups have making all-out-efforts against the Afghan government, and trying to create challenges and crisis in the country. They use any option that can put pressure on the Afghan government and international community. To damage the country’s stability and security, the Taliban have been conducting attacks in public areas, planting roadside mines, killing and kidnapping the employees of national and international organizations.

Despite all the massacres and carnages, the Taliban claim that they are in a right path. They blame the government for all the ongoing violence but the truth is that every son of this land knows now about their reality. Our nation knows that civilians are the victims of suicide attacks and extra-judicial court of the Taliban. We have recently witnessed an event that a girl has been prosecuted in a kangaroo court by the Taliban in western Ghor province, where the girl has been forcibly attacked by a man who has escaped the area but the Taliban have thrashed the girl and throw stones on her without presence of any solid evidence of committing anything wrong. Whenever woman take an inappropriate action on her own occur with a strange person, this consider as an adultery act then she should be dug in the ground till stomach so the people should throw stone on her with observation of a certain distance that is determined by the Islamic rule and regulation. In addition to such cases, our innocent people have often come under Taliban’s ambush, while some of them have been abducted by the Taliban on charge of assistance with the government.

Even though the civilian casualties are a usual part of the war, unfortunately during recent years, the surface of these casualties is still in a high rate. Especially children and women have been the main victim of this violence.  

Based on statics of the United Nations and Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission, most of the casualties have been inflicted by the militants. According to reports, 20 Afghans die daily; while 40 others receive injuries in the wake of sever conflicts in Afghanistan. The reports show that most of the casualties pose by the militants, especially Taliban who have been misusing the title of “Islam” for their felony and terror.

Most of the casualties have been inflicted by roadside mines, suicide attacks and other attacks that have been conducted by the militants, which show that militants have lost moral and are incapable to fight the Afghan security forces in the battlefields. The insurgents have often used civilians and their houses as human shelter in urban parts of the country.

In accordance to the reports, a blast had took place in a Taliban commander, Taufiqulah’s home in Moquour district of northern Badghis province, where one woman and two children were embraced martyrdom. The blast happened because of the explosive that have been stored in Taufiq’s house – we are assured of this event.  

At the end, we should admit that civilian casualties are one of hated challenges that have been opposed on us due to ongoing war and conflicts in Afghanistan. We should eliminate the motive and moral of war in our nation with the cooperation of foreign troops to end the longest violence in Afghanistan and the agony that we have been going through for a long time.

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