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What is behind the walls

Afghanistan has been jumbling with the adversities that have been posed by war since ages. The Afghans have suffered a lot and the country’s infrastructures trashed in the most rebellious way, taking years to rebuild. But hopes have emerged for a possible end to this deadly phenomenon after engagement of the US and Taliban in Doha to end the longest conflict, which seems near to ink a possible peace deal. The development has made sans Afghan government inclusion, but the final touch is needed to be done by the Kabul administration. Simultaneously, there is high concern as the government and the Taliban seemed at tenterhook, Kabul calling for ceasefire as precondition for intra-Afghan talks, while source says Taliban committed for reduction of violence. However, Taliban group did not officially talk neither about violence reduction nor ceasefire – and exception in dividing line. The pressurize by government for a truce making headlines when the Taliban group not only opposing it but even labeled Kabul administration as an American puppet. The US-Taliban talks have gone through 11th rounds of negotiations so far, but so far no special progress has made. Some have accused the Pentagon behind damage, even has mislead the people about the war in Afghanistan, which is unwinnable by military means. The ongoing situation and dispersive remarks from the stakeholders, has put the Afghans in a state of trustless and doubtful. The vogues methodology in the peace talks scraped people’s confident as warring sides yet to exhibit flexibility in the battleground or at least ice up violence that taking high tools on the Afghan civilians. The decades long war left a legacy of devastation with hundreds of widows and thousands of orphans. If peace did not prevail, the violence and carnage will remain bending upon civilians with more causality. The most obstacles ahead of peace are both – the government and obviously the Taliban group. They (government-Taliban) have showed no suppleness rather intensified fighting, making complex the talks. The Taliban group is more to be blamed for the mess. To make a positive move in the ongoing peace process the Afghan government and the Taliban plus the US should concluded to a single point which is violence reduction. This would be the first step to show the will for peace, and honest approach towards its achievements.

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