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What is going on in Taliban-controlled areas?

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KABUL: There are different stories about Taliban’s behavior with the people in the areas under the militants’ control.

Taliban have recently managed to capture tens of districts in several provinces, with the government forces retreating “tactically”.

Now that Taliban are controlling these areas, some residents accuse them of misbehavior with them and impose restrictions.

But others believe that Taliban do not annoy residents and are busy in their battles with government forces.

Taliban’s attacks to take ground intensified after the US announced to withdraw its troops on May 1.

Residents of Andkhoy district in Faryab province in the northwest, say of restrictions imposed by the militants since they captured the area some two weeks ago.

“People are concerned. Taliban have imposed restrictions, for example they do not let people watch television, women are not allowed to get out of home without a male companion and some  others,” said an Andkhoy resident who wished not to be named.

He said that Taliban have ordered them to provide three-time food for their fighters or pay cash.

But, the story in Kunduz is different. Taliban have captured a number of districts including the strategic district of Imam Saheb where the Sher Khan border port with Tajikistan locates.

Ahmad, a resident of Imam Saheb, says that Taliban do not disturb them, while adding that it was too soon judge militants’ treatments with civilians.

“I have clipped my beard and I don’t put on hat when I go to work. Taliban are walking or driving in the city and none of them asks me about my beard or hair,” Ahamd said.

Taliban reject any misbehavior with people, saying their “enemy” is trying to defame them.

“We are now in war situation and everything remains in its place. When the laws are made, people will observe the law,” said Zabihullah Mujahid, Taliban Spokesman on Tuesday.

The government and some people accuse Taliban of destroying roads, buildings and bridges. The government claimed that Taliban destroyed a district office building of Anar Dara when they captured it this month in Farah province in the west.

The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission asks Taliban not to destroy public installations.

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