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WhatsApp, Telegram apps temporary downed

NUG thoroughly recognize freedom of speech and right to information as the fundamental right of every individual: Nangyal

AT News Report-KABUL: The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) has clarified on Friday that the blockage of popular chat apps, WhatsApp and Telegram is a temporary issue, based on installation of advanced technology in communication sector.

The ministry’s spokesperson, Najeeb Nangyal said the MCIT has taken the initiative to install latest technology in all the communication companies.

“At the moment, work on testing the new systems is in progress which resulted in temporary blockage of the WhatsApp and Telegram services,” he noted.

Nangyal added the service of the communication applications would be restored within 20 days.

He further went on saying that these two applications have been using for communication around the globe, but the temporary blockage of the applications in the country is not meant the Unity Government is restricting the freedom of speech and right to information.

He furthered the government has been thoroughly recognizing freedom of speech and right to information as the fundamental right of every individual in the country.

According to reports WhatsApp is down across USA, UK, Europe and Asia where the popular chat app is not working for thousands of thousands of users.

It comes at a times when an Uzbek immigrant who was inspired by the so-called Islamic State which is also known as Daesh terrorist group carried out a truck rampage in New York City of US, where eight innocent people were killed. Prior to this, WhatsApp application was blocked in UK after the terrorist attacks in London in March of the current year. The UK authorities said the government’s inability to read messages on end-to-end encrypted messaging apps as completely unacceptable.

Probably, Afghanistan’s security institutions and the rest of the countries in the world, directed by the US, are making sure that the organizations like WhatsApp do not provide a secret place for terrorists to communicate with one another. It seems the global leaders by downing the WhatsApp app want to make sure their intelligence services could have ability to get into the end-to-end encrypted data of the WhatsApp users within their respective countries, amid at preventing heart-wrenching attack.


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