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Where is key to ceasefire?

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KABUL: The Taliban ignored the call for ceasefire offered by the Afghan government, US, NATO and several other organizations amid a risky outbreak of pandemic coronavirus during the holy month of Ramadan.

The militants underscored their February 29th‘s peace deal with the US, saying that the demand of ceasefire is not rational, as thousands of their prisoners held in government jails and there is a highly risk of their infection by covid19. The only way to pave a ceasefire, the militants said, is to fulfill the US-Taliban peace deal resolutions. 

A political activist, Ismail Painda said that any peace deal which is not based on national interests would pose risky consequences. “If they want peace, they should observe truce,” he added. “If peace negotiations are based national interests, they should be held soon.”

To find a solution for the ongoing crisis in the country, he said the US should include influential figures in the peace negotiations. 

According to him, three factors which are containing of national force, regional force and international forces can pave the ground for the resolving of crisis in Afghanistan.

Another political activist, who wished to go unnamed, said that the current situation needs a comprehensive flexibility by all sides and that this is a need of the Afghan society as well.

He vowed that the Afghan government is not responsible to fulfill the agreement, which the Taliban signed with the US. “The immediate release of 5,000 Taliban inmates is impossible,” he said. “If the Taliban wants peace, they should set on talks with the Afghan government.”

He believes that the prisoners release is in contrast with the law and that it would pose legislative issues, as the Afghan government has not been part of the prisoner swap agreement during US-Taliban peace deal. He said that the Taliban cannot expect the Afghan government to meet the deal which is signed in its absence.

The circumstance should be hit for a trust building and domestic issues can be solved throughout direct-Afghan talks, according to him.

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