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Why need a cease-fire/ progression in cease-fire

By Nadir Shah Katawazai

The recent agreement between President Ghani and former Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah over the power- sharing in government has speeded up the peace process. The political tension has also halted the way of peace process as months continues tussle. The early two attacks on Maternity hospital that left many innocent babies and pregnant women and other on funeral in Nanghar province. These attacks have jolted the world and were condemned across the globe. After the attack the President ordered to security forces and to resume the aggressive policy. The aggressive policies have increased the intensity of bloodshed from both sides in which more damages especially to militants instead of security personnel in various provinces. The arrests of Islamic state along with their many colleagues have shown the potential of security forces to the militant after much successful operations. Mr. Ghani urged militants to stop killing of innocent children’s and women and persistent on cease-fire, but opposite side were denied the cease-fire and were insisting on attacks.

The agreement between Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah has eulogized across the country and abroad to ease the tension in the country which continued for few months after election dilemma. The deal between the two leaders was much crucial for a country, which is facing multiple issues. The deal between two leaders was rejected by the Taliban, accepting Abdullah Abdullah as chairman of the High Peace council for National Reconciliation. It is not an easy task to convince all the parties having indulged with many hurdles. The Taliban has mild expectations from Abdullah to mitigate the crisis.

This is the third time that such kind of cease-fire has been announced by both sides, two years back on the EID day government announced for ten days and Militants for three days. In previous events, there were very few incidents in all three days and entering of Militants into many cities which they identified as important place after cease-fire end at once the war escalate too much , which they take full advantages from the cease-fire. Although this time government instructed security forces to be defensive in these three days but if they hamper the agreement, give response with full strength.

Although after United States administration announced that we should withdraw forces from Afghanistan, at once U.S. commences peace talk with Taliban. After many negotiations and discourses they reached to a deal in late 2020 without involment of afghan government. The deal was conditional that the Taliban will reduce the violence and start talk with afghan government along with some other issues. But the deal becomes fragile soon over the issue of release of prisoners. Albeit after the deal, the situation became worse instead of betterment.

The President welcomed the cease-fire and also in response announced three day cease-fire and order security forces to be defensive. Along this President also gave order of release of two thousands prisoners and urged from Taliban to release those of afghan security forces which is in their custody. The Taliban welcomed the decision of release of prisoners and released two hundred prisoners of government. The releases of prisoners were part of early agreement between U.S. and Taliban.

The cease-fire will fasten the process of release of prisoner and direct talk between Militants and government which was stopped last few months. The current improvement has full of hope from both sides, that it has many chances to extend further the cease-fire in coming up days till both sides reach an inclusive decision to end the unstoppable war.

Both have shown very high patience and clear decision. It will bring both the parties more close to each other than early. Although there are many challenges and issues that will take time to sort out, that how both parties are committed and tackling.

The continue cease-fire and negotiation between both parties will accelerate the wheel of development and will attract foreign aids. The common people of Afghanistan are so happy from announcement of both sides and urged to work together to come out from war situation. Both parties have no options but to cease-fire. The role of neighbors is very significant especially Pakistan and Iran. The Pakistan has also phobia that whether this time honest efforts are not carried out to convince Taliban for ceasefire and reduction of violence. Although there are possibilities that U.S. will impose more pressure and economic sanction like on Iran. Pakistan is also facing economic crisis and also in fear of being listed in Grey list. The Trump administration is also in hurry to finish the deadlock between two parties as soon as possible to sort a solution to end the longest war of two decades and early U.S. president was taking to media, when Media person ask question about the increasing of war in Afghanistan, the president reply was not a responsible that our army is not a police force to protect them and Afghanistan should protect their country that we will withdraw our forces as soon as possible.

The United States along with United Nations, India, Qatar, Uzbekistan, and Indonesia, Germany Norway and many others welcomed the three-day ceasefire announced by Afghan government and Taliban on Eid al-Fitr. After cease-fire U.S. secretary of state Mike Pompeo called both the leader and shows his gratitude on the cease-fire and release of prisoners. The UNAMA also welcomes the ceasefire between afghan government and Taliban over Eid, and said that “the Afghan people deserve a respite from violence”. “The Secretary-General Urges all parties concerned to seize this opportunity and embrace an Afghan-led peace process” and further said “ only a peace settlement can bring an end to the suffering in Afghanistan, the United Nations is committed to support the people and Government of Afghanistan in this important endeavor”.

The ceasefire will clear a platform for intra-afghan dialogues and the outbreak of pandemic coronavirus that are spread in the world which will pave the ground for stability for the people of Afghanistan. Both parties should have to ignore the past happening and commence with new initiative and with new ideas to speedy up the intra-afghan talk and with strong determination.

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