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Why suicide?

If one is intent on committing suicide, there are few practical matters that need to be considered before taking this deadly step as there will be no time to be regretted. Be sure, really sure, and even think twice that there is no other way to get over the pain you are experiencing, other than suicide. Surely, you would find plenty of other ways to rid from frustration, and confidently people around you will help you in this crucial time. If suicide was right way, the problem of those people who committed suicide could have been resolved. Of course not, rather the reaction of her/his, family members, especially parents is more disturbances. Some report says that each suicide intimately affects at least six other people, so consider carefully the impact on them. Another thing which is very much important to bear in mind is that Allah, the Almighty have not created us in vain. Suicide attempt comes in mind after severe depression always accompanied by a pervasive sense of suffering as well as the belief that escape from its hopeless. But, while dedicating ourselves to worship or creator (Allah the Almighty) and also in pursing education and to be in the service of people in the surface of this planet, so this deduction would help and even not let the depression to force you commit suicide. The pain of existence often becomes too much for severely depressed people to bear. Depression gives birth to a suicidal thought. Every year, one million adults, report making a suicide attempt, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Worldwide, 800,000 people die due to suicide every year, according to the World Health Organization. For reason we don’t fully understand, some people reach such depths of despair and pain that they begin to believe that they would be better off dead. In Afghanistan, despite so many other challenges, suicide attempt is also here. Around 3,000 people commit suicide in Afghanistan every year, officials said, adding majority who commit suicide are females. Qadria Yazdan Parast, a member of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission said that most of the suicide cases go unreported. Families avoid reporting cases of female suicide due to fear that it would tarnish their honor. This is absolutely annoying to see Afghans committee suicides in that majority of them women. This is responsibility of male members of a family to take care of their female members. If you suspect someone might be depressed, don’t allow your tendency to deny the possibility of suicidal ideation prevent you from asking about it. Everyone feels down at times. The breakup of a relationship or bad grade can lead to low mood. Sometimes sadness comes on for no apparent reason. Depressed people may also fail to live up to their potential, doing poorly in society. There are several experiences of depressed individuals such as losing of pleasure in virtually all activities, feelings of fatigue or lack of energy, frequent tearfulness, difficult with concentration or memory, a change in sleep pattern, with either too much or too little sleep, the person may wake up in the night or early morning and not feel rested the next day, feelings of worthlessness and self-blame or exaggerated feelings of guilt, unrealistic ideas and worries, thoughts of suicide and so on…which must be closely monitor by all members of a single family, and take immediate step in case find anyone going through it. We should keep open eye in a bid to save our parents, brothers, and especially our sister and wife as suicide among women reported high. This is our moral responsibility to take care of our female family members, provide them every necessary need they required.

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