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Why Xinjiang become a hot topic in western countries

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KABUL: Some former U.S. state officer and experts believe that the U.S. and western allies are worried about the economical grown of China and therefore, it has been accusing Beijing of genocide of Uyghurs Muslims in Xinjiang state of the country.

Former Chief of Staff for the U.S. former Secretary of State, Lawrence Wilkerson earlier said in a conference that the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan was not aiming at state building, fighting the Taliban and other terrorist groups.

Accordion to him, the U.S. remained in Afghanistan for three strategic purposes.

“First Objective is to be in the place that Donald Rumsfeld discovered was the most difficult country in the world to get military power into 2021,” he added. “It is the only hard power the United States has sits proximate war to the central Belt and Road Initiative of China that runs across the Central Asia.

He said that if the U.S. sought to impact the China’s Belt and Road Initiative, it is in a position in Afghanistan to do so. “Second reason we are there is because we are (inaudible) with the potentially most unstable nuclear stockpile on the face of the earth in Pakistan,” Mr, Wilkerson added.  

According to Wilkerson, the third objective for U.S. presence in Afghanistan is the existence of 20 million Uyghurs in Xinjiang, saying that if the CIA has to mount an operation using those Uyghurs could join with them in pushing the Chinese in Beijing from internal places rather than external.   

Daniel Dumbrill, a YouTuber concluded an interview with some political experts who believe that western countries have been trying to disrupt China because of its economic growth is overtaking America. “The resource rich countries finally have a non-western option for cooperative operations,” he added.

He believes that Chinese communication companies offer new non-American options that are being slandered as having back doors.

He also said that there are possibilities about the RMB’s increasingly challenge of U.S. dollars’ hegemony. Dumbrill is skeptical about the U.S. voice for ensuring human rights values in China, saying that the U.S. interest in Xinjiang is because of its oil deposit and crucial location for the China’s Belt and Road Initiatives.

He also expressed criticism on the U.S. sanctions on the International Court members looking for U.S. war crimes in Afghanistan.    

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