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Will al-Qaeda be back to Afghanistan after US withdrawal?

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KABUL: The United States believes that the al-Qaeda terrorist network would try to return to Afghanistan once the American and other soldiers leave the war-hit country after 20 years of invasion under the name of ‘war on terror’.

“Our intelligence evaluations say that al-Qaeda will likely announce its presence in Afghanistan after the US and its international coalition pullback. This is a real threat that needs to be removed. What we learned in Iraq is that we need an intelligence and military force in the region so that we can confront the al-Qaeda in case necessary,” a senior US official said.

This comment came before the White House announcement that said they would start withdrawal before May and the last American soldier would leave Afghanistan before September 11.

“We long realize that military force will not resolve internal political challenges of Afghanistan,” the senior official said, asking not to be identified.

“The best way is to focus on the peace process with the Taliban and American troops should not be the cards of negotiations.”

He emphasized that the United States would continue assistance with Afghanistan and would also keep an eye on terrorist threats.

“We are not in 2001 now, we are in 2021 and terrorist threats are existing in some countries and continents.”

The US official said that the troop withdrawal will be no condition-based and there would not be any troop in the country before September 11.

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