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Will continue fighting belligerents

AT News Report-KABUL: The government says it would encourage the armed opposition groups, but would “seriously fight” against those groups that are not willing in peace.

The comment comes in response to the Taliban officials that said they have enough experience of thee war in Afghanistan and were able to fight security forces “not only for decades, but even for centuries”.

Mohammad Radmanesh, spokesman of defense ministry said Wednesday that the security forces were the winners in the battlefields, but still the doors of peace and talks are open for the armed groups that want to abandon bloodshed.

“We welcome those who want peace, but those who oppose the war on us should know that they won’t win the war. The national army has bravely fought to defend the national integrity, territorial sovereignty and our independence. They will continue their fight,” Radmanesh said.

Taliban’s spokesman ZabihullahMujahid in an interview with a Turkish news channel has repeated that the group would like to hold talks with the US officials, but refused to say about peace talks with the Afghan government.

In February, President Ashraf Ghani said his government had kept the peace doors open to the armed groups, adding that the talks could be held without any pre-conditions.

The High Peace Council is also insisting the peace talks with the armed opposition, with its spokesman SayedEhsanTaheri saying that “the peace offer was not only from the government, but it was from every Afghan”. “Now, this is the Taliban to make decision”.

“Today, we once again call on the Taliban to answer our offer if they are Afghans and love Afghanistan. This offer was made by the government and the high peace council as a mediator presents them to Taliban after months of hard working and taking people’s opinions,” Taheri said.

“I would like to call on the two sides of the war especially the United States that the continual war will further destroy Afghanistan. They would better to talk to the countries involved in Afghan war and find a solution,” parliamentarian Saleh Mohammad Saleh said.



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