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Will continue resistance for a free Baluchistan: Baloch activists

AT-KABUL: A council defending the rights of Baloch minorities in Afghanistan strongly condemned on Sunday Pakistani government’s deliberate genocide of Baloch minorities and declared prolongation of resistance to achieve independence and autonomy for Baluchistan.

Baloch minorities have given sacrifices and will continue to do so until independence for Baluchistan is retained, said Afghanistan Baloch Coordination and Social Council Head Shir Aqa Baloch.

“Every day, Balochs are being criminalized for seeking independence and massacred by Pakistani government. And the world community and international rights organizations turn a blind eye to the genocide that is deliberately taking place against Baloch minorities,” he asserted.

He said that Balcoh will continue to their right combat in order to reach voice to the world and international organization.

Academician Sulaiman Layeq Advisor of Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan said that Baloch must be united for this legal combat in order to reach independency.

He said that beside unity the Baloch need to foster ways to reach voices to the world.

He elaborated that 40 percent soil of Pakistan made by Baluchistan as well all underground capital of Pakistan is only available in 6 percent soil of Baluchistan.

He said that Baloch must go further than compromise to lead this combat toward success.

Pointing to Pashtoon strikes, he said that Baloch must use from any opportunity and not miss any chance to get closure toward independency.

Satar Purdeli Baloch said that Baluchistan announced its independency in 11th August 1947, but after eight months it was attacked by Pakistan and occupied in 27th March 1948. Since that time, balochs people never remain silent and continue to face to face, gorilla, political and social fighting in order to reach back to independency. Since 1947 Baloch youths, children and women were harshly killed and their houses torched in Baluchistan and still balochs area suffering from such cruelty actions. Now days, Pakistan also killing Pashtoons, so we request Afghan government to pay attention to the Balochs and Pashtoon people.

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